Friday, December 31, 2010

December is the Month of Celebrations

... and good food and unplanned purchases and severe wallet damages! My, my, December was a whirlwind! I cannot even remember where all the days and the money went specifically, but surely, December is the uncontested winner in the fun and food departments this year.

Christmas Dinner with College Friends at National Sports Grill Plus Desserts at Classic Confections

I never really liked the food at National Sports Grill that much, but everywhere else was full that night. As a matter of fact, we went to Ayala Triangle Gardens first, but there was a huge crowd and a long line to every restaurant there, so we decided to drive to Greenbelt instead. The first choice was actually Chili's at Greenbelt 5, but again, the issue of long lines and starving, impatient people came up, so we just decided to eat at NSG (where only two tables were occupied).

It was my first time to eat at Classic Confections, and boy, did I love their Nono's Chocolate Oblivion (that's the one on the upper left)! It was  heavenly, I tell you.

Anniversary Dinner at Balducci, Serendra

My request for a three day leave was granted, but sadly, the boyfriend couldn't get off work (he's new to the company and everything) so our plan for an awesome anniversary and birthday double celebration didn't push through. We just had a pretty simple dinner at Balducci in Serendra, where the food and the service lie on completely opposite poles. While the food deserves stellar reviews (which I shall do in a future post), the same cannot be said about the service.

The BF's Birthday Dinner at Duo, Serendra

We celebrated his birthday with yet again a rather simple dinner at Serendra. I've been meaning to try Duo for quite some time already because their fondue came highly recommended by a friend, but we were already too stuffed come dessert time, so we sort of just decided to drop the idea of having fondue altogether. Sad, but I shall return for the fondue, I promise. Food reviews to follow, of course!

Christmas Shopping and Lunch with the BF at A Venetto

I actually did 80% of our Christmas shopping (we give couple gifts for practical reasons) by myself on different days of the month, whenever my schedule permits. By the time the boyfriend was able to join me, I was almost done shopping already and he was able to help me pick out a gift  only for a very few people. Since I did almost all of the work and he gets half of the credit, he treated me to lunch at A Venetto.

Christmas Party with Workmates at Paul Calvin's, Global City

Right after a tiring morning shift (even had to work overtime without pay), I went home, showered and dolled up for our Christmas party (which the hospital didn't sponsor, by the way). I was mighty tired by the time I got to Paul Calvin's, but my adrenaline didn't fail me. I had a lot of fun and I even won a consolation prize in the raffle draw! My workmates are the best!

Christmas Eve with the Family at Home

I wasn't scheduled to go on duty on the 24th, so I was able to spend Christmas eve at home. My sibs and I camwhored like crazy and opened our gifts to the tune of Grenade and Marry You by Bruno Mars. Major, major LSS!

Post Christmas Lunch at Gumbo and Early New Year Celebration at Ayala Triangle Gardens

We had to celebrate Christmas Eve with our own families, and I was on duty come Christmas day, so the BF and I had our Christmas meal a couple of days after the 25th. I cannot count the number of times I've eaten at Gumbo anymore. I've been there with my family, friends, boyfriend and the boyfriend's family. I guess it's one of my default restos of choice at Midtown.

Again, we had to celebrate the coming of 2011 with our respective families, so the BF and I had an early New Year celebration at Ayala Triangle Gardens, where we watched an entertaining light show. We planned to eat at Wee Nam Kee to see what the fuss was about, but the place was literally packed! I attempted to get us a seat for two, but the staff said we had to wait for about an hour to get a seat. She said there were 13 people wait listed ahead of us (yes, that many as early as 6pm!), so we opted to eat at Bon Chon and Omakase instead. No regrets, though. Both restos had pretty awesome food!

So, that was my December in a nutshell! As you can see, I owe you guys a lot of food reviews. I hope I can manage to write them all before January ends. Must change my procrastination habits in 2011, yes?

2011 is about to come in a couple of minutes. Happy New Year, everyone! May we all be blessed beyond our imagination! <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Berry Banapple Birthday!

As far as birthdays go, I'm a very simple, no fuss kind of girl. Loud parties marked with an abundance of booze, free food and wasted bodies gyrating to dance music are not really my kind of thing, as these usually lure people you really don't want to spend your birthday with. I think the last time our family hosted a huge birthday party was when I turned 7 and my brother turned 1 (yes, we do have the same birth date, which can be kind of annoying when you're a kid who doesn't want to share the attention and the budget for gifts, mind you). From that time on, our family celebrated birthdays with simple meals and a lot of cheesy togetherness.

For my mom's birthday this year though, my dad wasn't with us for work reasons. Being the eldest and all, I took the initiative to fund my mom's birthday brunch.  My family is kind of hard to feed because of our varying preferences, but the one thing that we all actually agree on is good dessert, so off to Banapple we went (this was last November 21, but I procrastinated blogging about it for a month!).

Insalata Rustico
We started the meal with some healthy greens. We chose Insalata Rustico, which was basically just fresh mixed greens with black olives, diced tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese and slivers of toasted almonds. The greens were very fresh and crisp, and the helpings of olives, cheese and almonds were quite generous. The dressing was cream based, garlicky good but far too sour for my liking. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Have a New Weekend Market in Town

If you like spending your weekend morning in Salcedo or Legazpi Market, I'm sure you'd love   Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City! 

Although December is generally one of our coldest months, the temperature can still get uncomfortably hot during late mornings to noon. I usually shy away from going to weekend markets because the heat and humidity ruin the experience for me, but the air conditioned tents of Mercato Centrale left me with no reason to avoid this nifty place. If you hate commuting as much as I do, fret not, because you may bring your cars along. The brilliant organizers ensured a stress-free Mercato Centrale experience by providing enough parking space for customers. If you do not have a  car, a map or a GPS, just get your butt to Bonifacio High Street and you'll have it easy from there. Mercato Centrale is located at the open lot right behind The Spa.

Now, on to the gastronomic delights that Mercato Centrale is so full of! Be warned, though, my photos do not do justice to the food. I only used my point and shoot and was too wasted (from night shift, not from drinking!) to take good shots. Do you know what makes Mercato Centrale ultimately awesome? Well, it offers a little bit of something for everyone!

Here to start your day right with a hearty breakfast? Mercato Centrale offers a variety of delicious, but affordable breakfast deals for you. I personally liked Auntie May's homemade tapa and Jam's angus beef tapa. Yes, my favorite Pinoy breakfast to date is Tapsilog.

Chef Laudico's Bfast
Pan de sal, a classic Pinoy breakfast with a twist
Tender and tasty tapa from Auntie May's

Friday, November 26, 2010

Going Cosmopolitan at John and Yoko

I usually avoid going to Ayala, unless someone volunteers to drive for me (and search for a much coveted parking slot) or unless I'm meeting my girl friends from UP, who are all well worth braving the Ayala traffic for. Last Saturday was one of those moments when friendship beckons amongst the Makati weekend crowd, and I was too much of a weakling (and a good friend, I hope) to resist. 

Our Saturday affair was thankfully not one of those times where the indecision about where to eat forces us to walk aimlessly and waste twenty minutes of our time ping pong-ing the words, "where do we eat?" and "up to you" amongst ourselves. I guess I have my good friend Emy to thank,  as she sent me rather insistent text messages to get my fat ass to John and Yoko the soonest possible time or risk her wrath. 

John and Yoko is an upscale Filipino owned restaurant serving modern Japanese cuisine.  It boasts of bringing to life the slightly overused concept of East meets West, by serving Japanese food tinged with Western influence. Allow me to post this well written excerpt from their menu:

"John is from the West while Yoko comes from the East. As John is bold, modern, and fresh, Yoko is guarded, conservative and traditional. He is sunset while she is sunrise or the dawn of a new day! In essence, johnandyoko is a successful union of the two worlds. It is union where the new embraces the old and the innovative features the authentic."

The restaurant was dimly lit, with bare black ceilings and  patterned walls. It looked very modern and industrial, without losing the casual vibe. 

For starters, we had New York Fried Maki, which was rice rolled in tempura-batter-coated-Nori and stuffed with mango, cucumber and unagi. You have to put the whole thing in your mouth to experience the burst of flavor and amazing mixture of textures of this maki variant. The crispiness of tempura batter, the sticky familiarity of rice, the firmness of unagi, the pleasant sweetness of fresh mangoes and the crunchiness of cucumber all blended perfectly well to make one bombshell of a maki. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Weekend in Photos

I wish I had more weekends like this. 


Met with workmates at Greenbelt to plan for our upcoming Singaporean holiday. Speaking of which, can somebody please be a sweetheart and recommend a decent bed and breakfast/guest house in SG? No fancy hotels, please. We are just humble backpackers on a shoestring budget.

Starbucks and Fuzion at Greenbelt.

Engaged in retail therapy by scouring Landmark for bargain finds. Don't you just love Landmark's collection of quaint and quirky stuff?

The simplest things make me happy.

Random buys: 1) silver lace and pearl accessory, 2) Max Factor Pan Stick, 3) In2It powder foundation, 4) key chain with a Cinderella shoe that doubles as a bag hook 5) white ear bones for my earphones, and 6) a red voodoo doll. I also bought some gift items for Christmas, but I cannot post the photos here for obvious reasons.

Also, home improvement stuff for my rented room in Makati. My need to declutter is increasing in geometric proportions.

Only Php 150 each (approximately $ 3)! 

Did some catching up with some of my awesome friends from college. Had dinner at John and Yoko and desserts at Mr. Jones. 

This is my definition of a good time.


My mom's 54th birthday! I treated her and my sibs to lunch and gave her some Royce chocolates for the occasion.  Unfortunately, my dad was not around for work reasons, but my mom had a Berry Banapple Birthday this year nevertheless.  

I super love you, Mama! May you be blessed always!

They really rock my world, these little blessings I get (like having the weekends off)!  Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine. Please stay tuned for food reviews! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spicing Up the Day at Legend of India

I have been told not only once that I am pretty good at making people hungry. I'm terrible at describing food, but because I talk about food with passion, people can't help but get hungry when they are around me. The boyfriend, I guess, is the most heavily influenced by my eating habits. When we met, he wouldn't go beyond the usual Filipino or Chinese dish. You should see him now though! Who would have thought that he would willingly pay for spicy Indian food on a regular day some seven years ago?

We had a date (oh yes, a date, finally!) a couple of Saturdays ago (I know, procrastination!). We bought new kicks for his beloved DSLR, Iroh (he looks more handsome with his new Sigma 28-200mm f3.5-5.6 lens on) and had  late lunch at Legend of India.

To start with, I must say I had a difficult time choosing what to order. The place was far from shabby (it was marketed as a fine dining restaurant, after all), but their menu needs a major, major overhaul (no descriptions, no photos and with handwritten changes, seriously) The waiters and waitresses were not particularly helpful either, as they had a hard time describing most of the dishes when asked. After a sweeping look at the menu, I just decided to order their version of some familiar Indian dishes.

While waiting for our appetizer, a complimentary bowl of Mixed Chevro was served. From the looks and tastes of it, Mixed Chevro is a combination of Indian nuts, crackers and dried fruits. The burst of flavor when you put a handful of this in your mouth is delightful, but I didn't eat too much because I didn't want to feel full halfway through the meal

Mixed Chevro. Feel free to munch as you wait.

For starters, we ordered Chicken Samosa, which is a triangular shaped pastry stuffed with chicken, potatoes and spices. It was kind of dry and plain tasting when eaten alone, but it reaches a whole new level of goodness when dipped in the complimentary mint and tamarind sauce.

Chicken Samosa at 160Php

The boyfriend is a mutton man. Whenever we eat Mediterranean or Indian cuisine, he almost always chooses mutton as the main dish. We wanted to share a viand, as all servings were good for 2-3 people and there were just the two of us. We agreed on Mutton Masala, which is mutton mixed with egg and mild spices. The meat was tender and flavorful, and the sauce was mildly spicy and thick, but not unpleasantly so.

Mutton Masala at 450 Php

The boyfriend wanted basmati rice and I wanted bread, so in the end we ordered both and shared. I chose plain Naan, which is leavened, oven-baked flatbread. I would have to say that I really prefer naan over rice when eating saucy Indian dishes, especially when it's warm and freshly baked.

Plain Naan at Php 100

For dessert, we had Kulfi, which is Indian ice cream sprinkled with nuts and spices. The kulfi was dense, sweet and creamy, but not unpleasantly overpowering. It's actually quite difficult to describe, kind of like a combination of ice drops, pastillas and our local sorbetes.

Kulfi at Php 120

Expect to spend approximately Php 500 ($13) per person when you dine here. Legend of India is located at 114-B Jupiter St., Bel-Air II, Makati City. They have some parking space in front, which you can use for free. If you have tried their food, do share your experience with me! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hong Kong Series: Ocean Park, Shopping and Our Flight Back Home!

It has been three months since my trip to Hong Kong, but I have yet to finish my series of Hong Kong posts. I procrastinate like there are a million tomorrows  (a little something I mastered while at school), but I digress.

Ocean Park is a marine themed attraction dubbed as one of Hong Kong's most popular tourist destinations. It was incredulously hot and humid the day we visited Ocean Park so we deliberately avoided the outdoor rides (except the Ocean Tower) and enjoyed the air conditioned indoor attractions instead. I don't think we missed out on a lot though, as the rides were not at all that unique if you have gone to say, Enchanted Kingdom or some other theme park in the US.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is literally HUGE (I think they have seven themed lands) and getting from one part of the Park to another can be quite taxing. They have long elevators that go on forever, scaring the shit out of acrophobics like the boyfriend. Haha.

We started out at the Tai Shue Wan entrance, as this was the drop off point for the public buses. There was not much to see there but the Flamingo Pond, which was quite a disappointment. The flamingos were not as vibrantly colored as the ones I saw in Sea World, San Diego. You can see a photo of that here.

From Tai Shue Wan, we walked a ridiculous distance to get to Marine Land, which houses some of my favorite attractions. There are one too many Dolphin shows in this planet, but these adorable creatures never fail to get my attention no matter how repetitive all the tricks are. I'm a terrible swimmer, but I wish to swim with the dolphins some day like these two lucky fellas.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going High School at Johnny Rockets!

My high school days were not spent in local diners, celebrating victories of the school's football team (because duh, we did not have a football team in Masci!), but for some reason, I have come to associate diners with high school.

I love diners not only because I love the burger + fries + milkshake combo, but also because I can never get enough of the laid back ambiance, the 50's feel and the iconic juke box that you can only find in a number of diners these days. It's not surprising therefore, that out of the many food establishments in Eastwood, I would pick Johnny Rockets for a relaxing, rainy Friday night dinner date.

Those who know me will definitely guess what caught my fancy first and foremost though: UNLIMITED FRIES! Yes, you heard (read) me right! For fellow fries lovers out there, this place is carbs and cholesterol wonderland!

There were other items available in the menu, but a burger + fries + milkshake combo girl like myself wouldn't settle for something other than a juicy burger + fries + milkshake combo . I'm being redundant and all, but you get the drift! Look at the juicy something I had! (Sorry for the bad photo, though. I didn't bring my trusty canon as this was a totally unplanned rendezvous.)

The burger was perfectly crispy around the edges, big, juicy and beefy, but after tasting Charlie's Angus Beef Burger, this kind of paled in comparison. The malt milkshake, however, was the bomb! It was thick, creamy and sweet, the kind you want to slurp like a seven year old before you go to bed. 

They boyfriend had a burger too, but with some salad, because he likes to pretend that he is a healthy eater for my sake even though we both know that he is not! Haha. 

Expect to spend around 600Php (approximately $13) per person for a good meal and some dancing waiters. Yep, the waiters at Johnny Rockets goof around and dance to oldies music as you eat.

Johnny Rockets is located at the Ground floor Veranda, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Impulse Buy

For someone without a pretty penny to her name, I can be such a ridiculous impulse buyer.

Serious impulse shopper.

My recent Hong Kong - Macau trip did put a huge dent on my wallet, and yet three months later, I find myself booking a totally unplanned trip to Singapore. I blame it on Cebu Pacific's 10-10-10 promo. Php 1010 (less than $30) for an international flight sounds pretty awesome, but we mustn't forget about accommodations, food, tickets for attractions and of course, shopping money!  I'm too old to ask for money from my good, old folks (hello, financial independence!) and I'm really terrible at managing my finances. What a lethal combination these two! The fact that my job does not pay well at all doesn't help my case either.

Singapore (just like Hong Kong) is not a place for travelers on a shoestring budget (really,couldn't we have booked a flight to somewhere else, like Thailand for instance?), but for some reason, I find joy in the challenge of planning trips on a budget. Back during the days when my parentals did the spending and money was not much of an issue, finding a good deal was not as rewarding as it is now. Of course, the saving for the trip part isn't that awesome(must not make impulse buys!), but hey, as the good, old and gasgas saying goes, "pag walang tiyaga, walang nilaga!"

Credits here.
Oh joy, another trip to plan! Nothing else gives me such a high as the prospect of traveling. Merlion, see you soonest!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Had an Awesome Week!

Here are some of the things that made my week awesome:

1. A pint of Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream (on sale!), SnR barbeque chicken pizza and french fries shared with good friends after a tiring shift.
3. Johnny Rockets malt milkshake, unlimited fries and a hefty burger with the boyfriend at Eastwood, where we attended a nonexistent birthday celebration. We went through oh-my-God-EDSA-traffic-on-a-Friday-night only to find out that he got the venue wrong. Still, it was a happy and filling Friday night!
4. Cheese enchilada, California Berry's frozen yogurt and Despicable me in 3d before night shift.
5. An actual date with the boyfriend! (He is free during the weekends, while I have odd days off here and there.)
5. Dad coming home at midnight with oreo cheesecake and black midnight cake in tow.
6. Three days off! Oh, a rarity!
7. Jacqui's birthday celeb at Healthy Shabu-shabu and Golden Spoon, Shang. We haven't seen each other in more than a year. Hurray, hurray!
8. New clothes and other new stuff!
9. Plum nail polish on my toes.
10. Mockingjay and Mini Shopaholic. I haven't gotten around to reading just yet, but hey, I  have copies already!
11. Lunch date with the boyfriend at Legend of India.
12. Iroh, our beloved SLR got some new kicks.

Stay tuned for food reviews and photos of this week's happy, happy days!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hong Kong Series: Hong Kong Disneyland!

Is there such a thing as too old for Disneyland? 

I hope not! Celebrating my 23rd in Disneyland Hong Kong

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the themed streets of Disneyland Hong Kong. I do not know if it had something o do with my birthday, but albeit smaller, I found Disneyland Hong Kong no less magical than its Western counterparts.

The ride to Disneyland was a Mickey Mouse-inspired train. Like any other teaser, it was tastefully made to excite you for what's to come. From the classic Mickey-shaped windows and handrails to the plush, velvet sofas, the ride was an integral part of the Disney experience that one should not miss.

It was my first time to celebrate my birthday away from home, and I kind of felt sad sentimental at first. Once I got to the resort however, I totally forgot about being a total cheeseball. It wasn't my first time to visit a Disney themed park, but all three occasions still felt like a first. 

Disneyland is divided into four themed lands: Main Street USA, AdventureLand, TomorrowLand and Fantasyland. At the entrance, the boyfriend and I grabbed a copy of the park map and sat on a nearby bench to plan the day so as to accommodate ALL shows and attractions. Yes, I was  that relentless! The park is really small and missing something is close to sinning against yourself for hard earned money not well spent.

These tickets are 350 HKD each, but I got them cheaper!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Great Asian Secrets Giveaway!

Nearly two years ago, I joined the St. Luke's Medical Center family with no beauty routines, no Holy Grail products to swear by and no cosmetic gunk on my face. Admittedly, I used to think that all these jazzabouts on beauty and looking good are well, shallow. Halfway through my training as a staff nurse however, we were wheeled off to free Image Lessons from MayK by our HR personnel. They said they wanted to breed (yes, kind of like dogs) a different kind of nurse for the Global City branch. For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, St. Luke's has this newly opened world class hospital in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. (Do visit if you have the time!)

I thought I was there to get a job, not a job +  a makeover! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Boyfriend is a Make Up Artist!

Let me interrupt my series of Hong Kong posts for a photography/beauty entry. Now, my boyfriend isn't a  macho, manly kind of guy, but he isn't exactly the type you'll see in el cheapo salons styling hair and putting on horrendous make up either. What he is, however, is a photography junkie, who finds joy in snapping random photos of my face and tinkering with Adobe Photoshop to remedy my far from perfect features. Look at how he applied make up on my otherwise pale face with a bit of Photoshop magic:

Before: He didn't edit anything except for the logo.

After: with digital make up on!

My pupils are the color of Edward Cullen's when he is well-fed. Not that I like the Twilight series, but let us save that for some other post. If I may say so,  he also applied purple eyeshadow and brown eyeliner on my lids quite well for a guy, no?  The coral lip color is such a nice touch up too. What I am super amazed about, however, is the blush. I would love to get my hands on that shade (if I could find a non-digital one), as it suits my skin tone quite awesomely. He also knew where to put the blush, imagine that! I did wonder if he could put non-digital make up on me too, but that might be too gay. I wouldn't want him to go in that direction. LOL.

So what do you think? We welcome constructive criticisms. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hong Kong Series: The Million Dollar Question!

For travelers staying in Hong Kong on a limited budget and time period, the million dollar question is whether to go to Ocean Park or Disneyland. I did not want to trouble myself with choosing between these two themed attractions, so I intentionally made sure that we had sufficient time in Hong Kong to see both. I am too lazy to write a long post on this, as I would like to get on  with recounting our trip and showing you some pretty pictures, so here are my two cents in bullets:

  • If you have kids with you, Disneyland is definitely the better option. It has well produced shows and non-extreme rides that kids will like. If you are going as an all adult group however, Ocean Park might be more suited to your interests, unless of course, you are a kid at heart still caught up in childhood fantasies of becoming a princess or a cheesy drama queen who still believes in happy endings and magic.
  • Some parents argue that Ocean Park is more educational, but then again, are you in Hong Kong for a vacation or for education? Give them kiddos a break! I first experienced the magic that is Disneyland when I was 7 or 8 and I tell you, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world! My cousin, who was in her early adult years at that time, had tears in her eyes when we watched the Fantasmic show in Disnelyand, California.
  • Disneyland is definitely more expensive, no question about the price tag. Tickets cost 350 HKD each, while Ocean Park's are just about 250 HKD. You can get the tickets at a cheaper price though, if you know where to look! See where we bought our discounted tickets in my previous entry.
  • Food and souvenirs are miles better (but more expensive of course!) at Disneyland, but you are not there for the food, are you? Besides, souvenirs from theme parks are overrated.
  • If you have been to Disneyland elsewhere, you might get a tad disappointed. Disneyland Hong Kong is smaller and it has fewer attractions than its Western (probably even, Eastern - ever been to Japan?) counterparts.
  • If you have ocean/marine parks in your home country and have never stepped foot on any Disneyland, go to Disneyland! Ocean park has a lot of adult rides, but they are not unique in any way. If you are residing in the Philippines for instance, you can get the same thrill riding Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle and you can learn all the marine life lessons you want in the ocean parks of Manila and Subic.
I personally enjoyed Disneyland more than I enjoyed Ocean Park, but I may be biased, because I went to the former on my birthday and the boyfriend made me feel like a princess that day.  It was also Philippine-summer-hot-and-humid the day we went to Ocean Park, so we spent quite some time bitching about the heat and called it a day even when the afternoon was still so young. So yeah, I blame my not enjoying Ocean Park so much on the weather!

What about you? Ever been to Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hong Kong? Which would you recommend?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hong Kong Series: Ngong Ping Cable Car, Citygate Outlets and Ladies' Market in Mong Kok

Our third day in Hong Kong was supposed to be our do-nothing-specific-and-bum-around day, but what the hell? It's not everyday that we get to be in Hong Kong. Why waste a beautiful day bumming around when we can do that any time we want in the Philippines?

Making the most out of Hong Kong's Summer Spectacular!

I wanted to go someplace where I need not walk long distances because my feet were still sore from all the walking that I had to do in Macau. The Ngong Ping Cable Car ride seemed like the perfect idea, as I can sit suspended in air while I see Lantau Island, bird's eyeview style for under a hundred HKD. It was also an absolutely divine way to help the boyfriend conquer his fear of heights. We just chose the regular cabin though, as the crystal cabin's glass bottom might be too scary for him.

No crystal cabin for him!

The weather was absolutely perfect that day, with just the right amount of clouds and sunshine for a relaxing cable car trip. We rode the MTR to Tung Chung, as the cable car terminal was readily accessible from the last station of the Tung Chung Line.

Vending machine for earphones and Ipod accessories.
Whatever happened to good old sodas and candy bars?

Riding the MTR was absolutely a breeze. I wish our transportation
 system in the Philippines is as efficient!

Welcome to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal!

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