Friday, October 28, 2011

Betcha by Gong Cha, Wow!

When the boyfriend and I went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, we had milk tea everyday for five consecutive days. Instead of going straight to bed after a tiring day, we would stop by for some street food and a glass of milk tea every night. It was a little routine we had during our short vacation there.

That was, of course, way before the milk tea craze hit Manila! As you can imagine, I was craving  for milk tea like a lunatic when we came back. There was a Bubble Tea branch in Megamall, but it just wasn't the same. I missed milk tea so much that I just had to shout it out in Facebook! 

I guess the Facebook gods heard me because these days, milk tea shops are everyfreakingwhere in my beloved city! There's Teaology, Serenitea, Moonleaf, Cha Time, Sip and my super favorite so far, Gong Cha!

Have you ever tried the Wintermelon Milk Tea of Gong-Cha? It's one of their house specials and it's superb! Have them add some pudding instead of pearls, and it becomes a whole new level of awesome! I think the special milk cream on top does the trick. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Yum!

Source because I forget to take pictures when I'm too excited to eat or drink. Haha.

Oh, I just remembered that I also had this awesome Taro Milk Tea from a store near the Ruins of St Paul in Macau. I have no idea what the store's name was because everything was written in Chinese, but I hope it lands on Philippine shores soon! I think it was what got me hooked to milk teas in the first place! 

This was where we bought the best taro milk tea (ever!).
 Care to identify the name of the store for me?
As for Happy Lemon, no, I haven't forgotten all about it. The store has quite a following! Sadly though, I haven't tried any of their drinks. I hope they put up a branch near where I live because I am itching to try the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese that everyone is raving about! 

So, what is your favorite milk tea store? Please do share so I can try as well!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cyma is Sweeter the Second Time Around

In our family, we all have specific roles in the food department. My dad cooks, my mom manages the kitchen budget, my brother makes sure that no food goes to waste by eating everything at breakneck speed,  my sister complicates the menu by being the picky eater that she is, and I introduce new food discoveries to my family's very conservative palate.

So last Saturday, I took out my dilapidated but trusty credit card and decided to treat my family to a lovely dinner at the newly opened branch of Cyma in Robinson's Place Midtown. I admit, it was kind of out of the budget, but I just couldn't resist taking my family to a place where I have such fond food memories of. You can read about my first dining experience at Cyma here.

For starters, we had Spinach Artichoke Fondue, a mouthwatering combination of melted cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, spinach and artichoke. Served with grilled garlic bread and warm pita triangles, this delightfully cheesy and gooey dish was an instant hit at the table.

Spinach Artichoke Fondue 
Because my family is big on burgers, we couldn't resist trying out their take on Bifteka or Greek Wagyu Burger. The handmade Brahman beef patty was tender, juicy, beefy and oh so divine! It was served on a toasted bun and topped with peppered feta cheese, arugula leaves, lettuce, tomato slices and tzatziki sauce.

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