Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thoughts on Leaving the Philippines Part 1

Not so long ago, I wrote a very lengthy post on my career options abroad, or rather the lack of them. I was tired, under compensated and basically swimming in hopelessness at the time.That was just a couple of months ago, and now, here I am, waiting for my visa and flight date to The Land of the Balding Prince. Great things truly come to those who wait. He is unbelievably good, this God! 

I am terribly excited and scared at the same time. Regarding living away from my family for longer than a week or two -- this would be a first and in a country far, far away from my beloved Philippines, no less! Sure, that's a scary thought, but I think it's time that I break away from my comfort zone and put myself out there, on the road where nothing is secure and every day is another adventure.

In many ways, this opportunity is the realization of several life-long dreams. For instance, I always say to anyone who cared to listen that I would like to go to Europe before I get married. I get asked a hundred percent of the time why I would rather see the continent alone and not as a part of my honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Well, I can't quite explain it either, folks. I just know that this is something that I want to do for myself and with myself first. Oh, the mere thought of being able to actually do this is just exhilarating! 

For some reason, living alone in foreign city is also on my bucket list. I have always had everything I needed within my reach while I was growing up. I had overprotective (but amazing!) parents, you see. I had a driver at my beck and call until I was in third year college. I learned to commute only during my senior year. I don't do my laundry or cook or clean. Heck, I don't even wash the dishes! I have lived the life of a pampered kid, yes, but I refuse to be stereotyped as such forever. I know that I have to work really hard and be strong though, no delusions there. 

On a lighter note, one of the things that I am really, really looking forward to in London is the West End. Theatre, oh sweet, theatre! I'm just soooooo excited to see LES MISERABLES live! I'm such an obsessive fan. How can I not be when the songs are nothing short of amazing works of genius? If the heavens conspire to make another dream come true, Alfie Boe, Ramin Karimloo, Matt Lucas, Norm Lewis and Lea Salonga will again perform together for a Les Mis production and I'll have front row seats! Gah, I'm so giddy at the thought! Speaking of Lea Salonga, I never really knew just how incredibly talented she was until I watched her perform in Les Mis and eventually, Miss Saigon via YouTube. I've been living under a rock, I know, but my, I never looked at her the same way ever since! Such a talented, beautiful and smart (and I really do mean smart!) woman!

Wordy, wordy, wordy... that is what this post has become. Well, I just wanted to share a thing or two, but I kind of got carried away. I have a lot of jumbled thoughts and I am itching to write them all down to clear my head and help me think. Part 2 soonest! <3

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