Monday, May 4, 2009

The MoMo! Experience

MoMo! food + drink offers a little more than your usual coffee shop. It boasts of a range of meals that are somehow as good as their coffee and dessert selections. MoMo! is definitely a better place for those study sessions and short meetings compared to the crowd drawer, Starbucks. This coffeeshop has all you need - cozy chairs, free wireless internet, aromatic coffee, music, ambiance and a range of affordable meals that will suffice a typical Filipino's appetite.

We tried:

MoMo pinoy! (from their all day brunch selection)

Filipino breakfast meal with cheese omelet, tapa, tocino, garlic rice and atsara.

Instead of your usual sunny side up egg, you get a cheese omelet with just the right amount of white onions, tomatoes and melted cheese on top. Egg aside, both the tapa and tocino tasted like something that you can get for a cheaper price in your local tapsilogan.  However, I would have to admit that putting these two together in one meal wasn't such a bad idea, as alternating the sweetness of tocino with the saltiness of tapa is such a tease to the palate. You would find yourself longing for the the salty taste of tapa after a bite of sweet tocino and vice versa. The serving is big enough to suffice the common Filipino's appetite, but for its price, which is more than a hundred and fifty bucks, you're probably better off eating at your local tapsilogan.

Cream-y Egg-y Carbonara
White sauce pasta with bacon bits and raw egg on top.

Although the dish was called Cream-y Egg-y carbonara, I didnt really expect raw egg on top of my pasta. That was a pleasant surprise though, especially because the pasta was surprisingly bland. Eating their version of carbonara was like feeling the sauce in your mouth, but barely tasting it. Thank goodness for the generous helpings of bacon and cheese, which saved the dish somehow. This pasta dish was definitely egg-y, but far from cream-y.

Mango cheesecake
Cheesecake with slices of mango and caramel syrup.

The base tasted like refrigerated, graham crackers with the occasional nut. The body was sweet, rich and creamy; and the texture, extremely smooth that it somehow reminded me of pudding. The mango slices on top were sweet, but the consistency was that of an overriped fruit. I've tasted better mango cheesecakes, but none of them as big as that of MoMo!'s.

MoMo! food + drink coffeeshop is located at Robinson's Midtown, Ermita, Manila.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I am a Manila girl. I have lived, studied and worked in Metro Manila all my life. Sure, I've been to a couple of places, but the dirty and polluted streets of Metro Manila would always be home. The schools where I completed my secondary and tertiary education are both located along Taft Avenue, probably one of the most polluted streets (visually and evironmentally) in the whole country.

Taft Avenue--from Goodle Images

I truly do wish my lungs some luck after 8 years of having to spend my weekdays in this environmental eyesore, which I ironically love. Since my lungs are holding up pretty well after much insult from the many harmful gases roaming around Taft Avenue, I decided to make a blog and document whatever nice and not so nice experiences I have while my lungs are still functioning as they should be.

I am not much of a writer, but thanks to freedom of speech, I can write to my heart's content. enjoy!:)
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