Friday, December 31, 2010

December is the Month of Celebrations

... and good food and unplanned purchases and severe wallet damages! My, my, December was a whirlwind! I cannot even remember where all the days and the money went specifically, but surely, December is the uncontested winner in the fun and food departments this year.

Christmas Dinner with College Friends at National Sports Grill Plus Desserts at Classic Confections

I never really liked the food at National Sports Grill that much, but everywhere else was full that night. As a matter of fact, we went to Ayala Triangle Gardens first, but there was a huge crowd and a long line to every restaurant there, so we decided to drive to Greenbelt instead. The first choice was actually Chili's at Greenbelt 5, but again, the issue of long lines and starving, impatient people came up, so we just decided to eat at NSG (where only two tables were occupied).

It was my first time to eat at Classic Confections, and boy, did I love their Nono's Chocolate Oblivion (that's the one on the upper left)! It was  heavenly, I tell you.

Anniversary Dinner at Balducci, Serendra

My request for a three day leave was granted, but sadly, the boyfriend couldn't get off work (he's new to the company and everything) so our plan for an awesome anniversary and birthday double celebration didn't push through. We just had a pretty simple dinner at Balducci in Serendra, where the food and the service lie on completely opposite poles. While the food deserves stellar reviews (which I shall do in a future post), the same cannot be said about the service.

The BF's Birthday Dinner at Duo, Serendra

We celebrated his birthday with yet again a rather simple dinner at Serendra. I've been meaning to try Duo for quite some time already because their fondue came highly recommended by a friend, but we were already too stuffed come dessert time, so we sort of just decided to drop the idea of having fondue altogether. Sad, but I shall return for the fondue, I promise. Food reviews to follow, of course!

Christmas Shopping and Lunch with the BF at A Venetto

I actually did 80% of our Christmas shopping (we give couple gifts for practical reasons) by myself on different days of the month, whenever my schedule permits. By the time the boyfriend was able to join me, I was almost done shopping already and he was able to help me pick out a gift  only for a very few people. Since I did almost all of the work and he gets half of the credit, he treated me to lunch at A Venetto.

Christmas Party with Workmates at Paul Calvin's, Global City

Right after a tiring morning shift (even had to work overtime without pay), I went home, showered and dolled up for our Christmas party (which the hospital didn't sponsor, by the way). I was mighty tired by the time I got to Paul Calvin's, but my adrenaline didn't fail me. I had a lot of fun and I even won a consolation prize in the raffle draw! My workmates are the best!

Christmas Eve with the Family at Home

I wasn't scheduled to go on duty on the 24th, so I was able to spend Christmas eve at home. My sibs and I camwhored like crazy and opened our gifts to the tune of Grenade and Marry You by Bruno Mars. Major, major LSS!

Post Christmas Lunch at Gumbo and Early New Year Celebration at Ayala Triangle Gardens

We had to celebrate Christmas Eve with our own families, and I was on duty come Christmas day, so the BF and I had our Christmas meal a couple of days after the 25th. I cannot count the number of times I've eaten at Gumbo anymore. I've been there with my family, friends, boyfriend and the boyfriend's family. I guess it's one of my default restos of choice at Midtown.

Again, we had to celebrate the coming of 2011 with our respective families, so the BF and I had an early New Year celebration at Ayala Triangle Gardens, where we watched an entertaining light show. We planned to eat at Wee Nam Kee to see what the fuss was about, but the place was literally packed! I attempted to get us a seat for two, but the staff said we had to wait for about an hour to get a seat. She said there were 13 people wait listed ahead of us (yes, that many as early as 6pm!), so we opted to eat at Bon Chon and Omakase instead. No regrets, though. Both restos had pretty awesome food!

So, that was my December in a nutshell! As you can see, I owe you guys a lot of food reviews. I hope I can manage to write them all before January ends. Must change my procrastination habits in 2011, yes?

2011 is about to come in a couple of minutes. Happy New Year, everyone! May we all be blessed beyond our imagination! <3


  1. happy 2011
    dieting starts --- tomorrow! promise na tlga! =)

  2. Hahahaha. I have promised to start dieting one too many times for anyone to believe me. Happy New Year!:)


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