Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Impulse Buy

For someone without a pretty penny to her name, I can be such a ridiculous impulse buyer.

Serious impulse shopper.

My recent Hong Kong - Macau trip did put a huge dent on my wallet, and yet three months later, I find myself booking a totally unplanned trip to Singapore. I blame it on Cebu Pacific's 10-10-10 promo. Php 1010 (less than $30) for an international flight sounds pretty awesome, but we mustn't forget about accommodations, food, tickets for attractions and of course, shopping money!  I'm too old to ask for money from my good, old folks (hello, financial independence!) and I'm really terrible at managing my finances. What a lethal combination these two! The fact that my job does not pay well at all doesn't help my case either.

Singapore (just like Hong Kong) is not a place for travelers on a shoestring budget (really,couldn't we have booked a flight to somewhere else, like Thailand for instance?), but for some reason, I find joy in the challenge of planning trips on a budget. Back during the days when my parentals did the spending and money was not much of an issue, finding a good deal was not as rewarding as it is now. Of course, the saving for the trip part isn't that awesome(must not make impulse buys!), but hey, as the good, old and gasgas saying goes, "pag walang tiyaga, walang nilaga!"

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Oh joy, another trip to plan! Nothing else gives me such a high as the prospect of traveling. Merlion, see you soonest!


  1. wow swerte nakaabot ka sa P1010! not bad, ganda pa ng travel period. =)

  2. yup! night shift kasi so i had the time advantage. hehehe:)

  3. my mom and I are planning a trip to Singapore too this November! Wow saya!!

  4. yey, share some travel tips ha. enjoy! traveling is absolutely LOVE:)


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