Monday, October 4, 2010

I Had an Awesome Week!

Here are some of the things that made my week awesome:

1. A pint of Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream (on sale!), SnR barbeque chicken pizza and french fries shared with good friends after a tiring shift.
3. Johnny Rockets malt milkshake, unlimited fries and a hefty burger with the boyfriend at Eastwood, where we attended a nonexistent birthday celebration. We went through oh-my-God-EDSA-traffic-on-a-Friday-night only to find out that he got the venue wrong. Still, it was a happy and filling Friday night!
4. Cheese enchilada, California Berry's frozen yogurt and Despicable me in 3d before night shift.
5. An actual date with the boyfriend! (He is free during the weekends, while I have odd days off here and there.)
5. Dad coming home at midnight with oreo cheesecake and black midnight cake in tow.
6. Three days off! Oh, a rarity!
7. Jacqui's birthday celeb at Healthy Shabu-shabu and Golden Spoon, Shang. We haven't seen each other in more than a year. Hurray, hurray!
8. New clothes and other new stuff!
9. Plum nail polish on my toes.
10. Mockingjay and Mini Shopaholic. I haven't gotten around to reading just yet, but hey, I  have copies already!
11. Lunch date with the boyfriend at Legend of India.
12. Iroh, our beloved SLR got some new kicks.

Stay tuned for food reviews and photos of this week's happy, happy days!


  1. One - SnR chicken is divine...
    Two - Cheese enchiladas are the best!
    Three - New clothes...need I say more??
    Four - Plum nail polish is always good in my book
    Five - Hooray for new books!

  2. hooray for new books, indeed. i super missed reading!


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