Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going High School at Johnny Rockets!

My high school days were not spent in local diners, celebrating victories of the school's football team (because duh, we did not have a football team in Masci!), but for some reason, I have come to associate diners with high school.

I love diners not only because I love the burger + fries + milkshake combo, but also because I can never get enough of the laid back ambiance, the 50's feel and the iconic juke box that you can only find in a number of diners these days. It's not surprising therefore, that out of the many food establishments in Eastwood, I would pick Johnny Rockets for a relaxing, rainy Friday night dinner date.

Those who know me will definitely guess what caught my fancy first and foremost though: UNLIMITED FRIES! Yes, you heard (read) me right! For fellow fries lovers out there, this place is carbs and cholesterol wonderland!

There were other items available in the menu, but a burger + fries + milkshake combo girl like myself wouldn't settle for something other than a juicy burger + fries + milkshake combo . I'm being redundant and all, but you get the drift! Look at the juicy something I had! (Sorry for the bad photo, though. I didn't bring my trusty canon as this was a totally unplanned rendezvous.)

The burger was perfectly crispy around the edges, big, juicy and beefy, but after tasting Charlie's Angus Beef Burger, this kind of paled in comparison. The malt milkshake, however, was the bomb! It was thick, creamy and sweet, the kind you want to slurp like a seven year old before you go to bed. 

They boyfriend had a burger too, but with some salad, because he likes to pretend that he is a healthy eater for my sake even though we both know that he is not! Haha. 

Expect to spend around 600Php (approximately $13) per person for a good meal and some dancing waiters. Yep, the waiters at Johnny Rockets goof around and dance to oldies music as you eat.

Johnny Rockets is located at the Ground floor Veranda, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City.


  1. UNLIMITED FRIES and dancing crew! haha

  2. Grabe their oreo malt milkshake is todieforrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. @Ja: I know! Let's food trip some time with UNO:)


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