Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun, Frivolous, Fabulous, Shallow and Short for 2011!

Ahoy! I'm back from a blogging hiatus! I wanted to start the year right with fun posts, but alas, my procrastinating tendencies got the best of me. I have such a long list of food establishments and spas to write about already and I'll be doing my best to catch up after I achieve a specific objective that I have set for this month.

So 2011 isn't quite like the bed of roses that I imagined it to be. Socio-political issues left and right, health troubles in the family, and well, a colony of personal problems that multiply faster than bacteria (geeky, I know). Things are not yet looking up for me, but I think I need a place where I can freely have fun, so I decided to keep this small part of my world light, frivolous and shallow!

From this time on, I would only be posting happy stuff that make life a fairy tale. I don't care if I appear naive and shallow anymore. After all, life is beautiful, just like these hot satchels I'm currently lemming for, but can't afford just yet:

You can have them personalized too! Source

I wish I can get my hands on one before our Singapore adventure come March, but gah, they are just so pricey! Now, I'm hoping there's a Summer Santa out there who can give me one for free! I still can't decide on the color though. Red is stunning, yellow is fun and brown is smart. I want them all!

To the very few who actually read this blog, watch out for more fun, frivolous, fabulous and SHORT (yes, I will TRY to make shorter posts that people might actually read) posts in the days to come! 

Now, say goodbye to the dark, boring, serious and twisted me! Let's keep it light this Rabbit Year, everyone!

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