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Hi, my name is Meedge. I am your resident Manila girl. I have lived, studied and worked in Metro Manila all my life. Sure, I've been to a couple of places, but the dirty and polluted streets of Metro Manila would always be home. I am an Oncology Nurse 8-10 hours a day, a frustrated writer when I feel like it and a wanderlust child the rest of the time.

Just like most people my age, I have been bitten by the adventure bug. All I ever want to do is to travel and eat all the good things this world has to offer. But alas, I'm not privileged enough to stop working, so traveling has to wait until the next opportunity for a vacation leave arrives. For now, I am satisfied exploring all the hole-in-the-wall places that Manila has to offer during my seemingly rare days off and gallivanting around the world in my dreams.

I imagine myself in a different city five years from now, and that is not because I do not love Philippines. I sincerely love it, in all it's third world goodness. Being a nurse makes moving away seem almost inevitable though. I have no sob stories to tell, but see my paycheck and you'll know what I mean. No way can I give my parents a secure and happy retirement with my St. Luke's pay check no matter how hard I work my ass off. The health care situation in the PH is something I do not even want to think about anymore, so sue me.

I do not know what kind of blog I keep. I write about the most mundane things, such as why I love summer (still my favorite post as of late!), my travel experiences, food conquests and some product reviews every now and then when I feel like it. I only link blogs that I read because I think your blog roll shows what type of person you are. I am not snobbish though, drop me a comment or send me an email and I'll happily give you a response once I get around to going online (which isn't as often as I would like because of work!). If somewhere along this life's road we have met, feel free to contact me.

I was once deluded enough to think that I can be a writer (the earning kind), but well, I now see that you need more than just talent to really rock as a writer.  I can be moody, lazy, selfish, insensitive and sentimental at times, so I thank them people who love me still.

My, that was quite wordy, wasn't it it? So yeah, I am Meedge, imperfect, but overall lucky, lucky girl. If you have reached this point of my About Me Page, you are an awesome, awesome person! Contact me. I am friendly and I do not bite.
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