Monday, June 28, 2010

The Samsung Corby PRO (B5310)

I was so attracted to the Samsung Corby Pro the first time I saw it in a poster that I bought one the week it was released. For its competitive price and wide range of features, I was quite sure that the phone was a steal back then. I am no techie junkie, but I've been roadtesting the product for quite some time now (5 months to be exact!) and I think it's just about time that I make a short review for the others out there who are thinking of getting the same phone.
Photo courtesy of google images as I am too lazy to take my own!

I won't be posting all the details and specifications anymore as these can be found in hundreds and hundreds of pages in the internet. Instead, I would be making a list of the things that I liked and disliked about the Samsung Corby Pro.

What I do like:
  •  It has multiple typing options. You can input text via the slide-out QWERTY pad, the touchscreen alphanumeric keypad and writing boxes 1 and 2, which recognize your handwriting per letter box and per word, respectively.
  • It packs a lot of features for its price, which is around 11,000-12,000Php ($250-265). You've got a 3.2MP camera, music player, Wi-Fi connectivity, HSDPA, GPRS, bluetooth, voice recorder, FM radio and good enough customization features.
  • It has widgets for all your social networking needs.
  • It has a conversation option, which allows you to view messages as chat logs. I like that I have the option to choose the way by which I read my text messages.
  • There are buttons at the left side of the phone which allow you to adjust the font size. This is perfect for those with bad eyes like mine! I can read my messages without my glasses on when I set the font size to its maximum.
  • It has 3 interchangeable back covers that come free with every purchase.
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