Monday, November 22, 2010

My Weekend in Photos

I wish I had more weekends like this. 


Met with workmates at Greenbelt to plan for our upcoming Singaporean holiday. Speaking of which, can somebody please be a sweetheart and recommend a decent bed and breakfast/guest house in SG? No fancy hotels, please. We are just humble backpackers on a shoestring budget.

Starbucks and Fuzion at Greenbelt.

Engaged in retail therapy by scouring Landmark for bargain finds. Don't you just love Landmark's collection of quaint and quirky stuff?

The simplest things make me happy.

Random buys: 1) silver lace and pearl accessory, 2) Max Factor Pan Stick, 3) In2It powder foundation, 4) key chain with a Cinderella shoe that doubles as a bag hook 5) white ear bones for my earphones, and 6) a red voodoo doll. I also bought some gift items for Christmas, but I cannot post the photos here for obvious reasons.

Also, home improvement stuff for my rented room in Makati. My need to declutter is increasing in geometric proportions.

Only Php 150 each (approximately $ 3)! 

Did some catching up with some of my awesome friends from college. Had dinner at John and Yoko and desserts at Mr. Jones. 

This is my definition of a good time.


My mom's 54th birthday! I treated her and my sibs to lunch and gave her some Royce chocolates for the occasion.  Unfortunately, my dad was not around for work reasons, but my mom had a Berry Banapple Birthday this year nevertheless.  

I super love you, Mama! May you be blessed always!

They really rock my world, these little blessings I get (like having the weekends off)!  Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine. Please stay tuned for food reviews! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

    I love IN2IT! It's unfortunate that they don't have it here in the States. :( Their blush and lippies are the best! <3

    Enjoy Singapore!

  2. @Toni: Thank you, thank you!:)

  3. hi meedge,

    thank you for those kind words you left on my 'about me' page on my blog. you don't have any idea how it made my day. :D

    thank you for reading my humble posts; i hope you'll enjoy some bits and pieces from my entries about few of my travels, dining adventures and family fun.

    and since it has been 4 months after i left manila to work here in a medical university in penang, yes, i do miss greenbelt terribly. i miss dining at john and yoko, mr. jones, even sipping a venti of caramel macchiato or frappuccino from starbucks (although we have same coffee shops here, still nothing beats home) and all the hustle and bustle of manila.

    i'll be home for a very short break after christmas to celebrate new year there.

    have fun blogging!

    PS: Onco nurse ka pala, wow! St Luke's pa, my cousins are MDs there sa OB at Pedia (Drs. Siasoco)and we have the same thoughts, btw on the health sector condition of Pinas. We're overworked yet underpaid.

  4. Thank you, Doc Gelo. I might be in the same position in the years to come.I cannot imagine how difficult it can be to be so far away from home and the people you love. I'm so glad to have made your day, with me being a complete stranger and all. God bless you and your awesome family! Happy teaching and blogging!

  5. wow si Doc Gelo andito. pakilala kita jan Meedge, he is really nice. (oi, pasalubong ko paguwi mo) hehe

    i like that grey necklace! check ko nga yan sa landmark. plus that voodoo doll, i have one in purple =)

  6. Wow Chyng, how did you meet doc Gelo?:) The blogosphere is such a happy place, teeming with friends!


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