Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our House in Canada

... is not really ours yet, but we are hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that it soon will be! The boyfriend and I were chatting a while ago, and he showed me a photo of the house that he is planning to buy for us once he saves up enough money.

Gorgeous, isn't it? It has a spacious front room punctuated with a cathedral ceiling, three bedrooms, walk-in closets and a basement, which we can use as a library. A library!

Soooooo excited! I wish I can get to Canada sooner so that I can help save up for our lovely home!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Off to Seek a Great Perhaps

I need some advice, people! Please be kind. Commenting is free and fairly easy.

First, a short background on my dilemma. 

I am a Registered Nurse (Surprise, surprise! Who isn't these days?) and I am looking at my career options abroad because, well, I'm tired of working my ass off only to be one paycheck away from homelessness! It's not a fair game, going to the university and going through all the thingamajigs of getting licensed then living in poverty thereafter, I tell ya. (I know, I bring shame to my beloved UP!) So anyway, before I bore you to death with the drama, here are my options:

1. Australia. I am eligible to apply for registration, but I have to take the bridging course first to become a licensed nurse. The cost? A whopping Php 500,000 (around 12,000 USD)! Add the costs of transportation, food and accommodations to the mix and that's Php 700,000 I don't have! ) I can loan some money (with compounded interest, of course, as finance people are way too smart), but after computing everything in my head (I kid, lol), I figured I would have to pay the loaning company double the amount I borrowed from them in 18 months. That's roughly 1.4 million pesos if I did the math right.  After getting registered, I would have to begin searching for a job and a hospital that's willing to sponsor me. (Ah, screw whoever invented VISAS, the bane of my existence!) Therefore, the Php 700,000 is like a business investment. If I don't find a job that pays well fast enough, I would be six feet under the ground in debt before I turn 25. Had I only known that Nursing involved such risks, I would have taken Business Ad or Actuarial Science instead!

2. UK. I am currently in the manpower pool of Drake International/ASC along with many others who aspire to work in the land of the Balding Prince. Well, there really is  not much to the tale, except that I have to wait for the NHS to actually employ me and sponsor my visa and bridging course fee (Oh, screw the person who thought of expensive bridging courses, too! I'd rather take a bloody exam if that's gonna cost me less!). I don't know yet how long I have to wait, but last I heard, immigration policies in the UK have changed yet again, so the wait is probably gonna be a long one. 

3. Canada. I want to go to Canada for obvious reasons, such as the boyfriend being there and... the boyfriend being there. Kidding! I want to go to Canada because I can see myself settling there. The Healthcare System is amazing, at least, that's what I heard from a doctor friend who had her internship there last summer. Now, the only option I have to get there is to become an immigrant. Nursing is among the priority occupations listed by the Canadian Immigration so I am qualified to apply. The problem is, I don't have a million pesos in my account for the required settlement fund. (If you're a 24 year old working in the PH and you have a million pesos in your account, hands in the air, please! Really? Well, you must have robbed a bank or won the lottery or have really rich parents!)  Also, the average processing time is about 18 months. (I cry and moan and wail when I think about 18 more months of being a paycheck away from homelessness!) To my friends, please don't ask me to get married for sponsorship! The boyfriend is a student there. He cannot sponsor me or anything. Besides, who wants to get married for papers? I'm a hopeless romantic, though I don't look the part. (Again, I kid!)

4. Qatar. Well,  I already have an offer of employment. The salary is not that high, but way bigger compared to what I earn here. All I have to do is process the necessary documents and in a couple of months, I'll be off facing sandstorms and riding camels, extremely fascinating creatures they are. The thing is, Qatar doesn't feel right. The opportunity is within my grasp, yes, but my heart is elsewhere. When I think of Australia and the UK, I feel like I'm going off on an adventure. When I think of Canada, I think of home and family. Qatar doesn't make me feel any of those things. I know, screw these complicated feelings! Sometimes, I feel really guilty. A lot people at work wanted this post so much but didn't get it, and yet, here I am, very close to letting the opportunity slip from my fingers. Even I don't understand the inner workings of my brain. Should  I do something that doesn't feel right for whatever reason? 

Gosh, that was one long post! Soooo many things are going inside my head. It's one big mess, really, and I just can't decide. Should I grab what's right in front of me even if it doesn't feel right?

Help? Anyone?

Cash, pretty stuff and advice are most welcome! And oh, if you are willing to lend me money without much interest, that would be great, too.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't take me seriously. I was merely writing down my options because I want to see them on paper, or on screen, rather. Writing stuff down clears my head. That's just the way I roll.
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