Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm the Boring-est of the Boring

10. I don't smoke, I don't drink and I don't do pot. I have never gotten drunk in my 22 years of existence. *collective gasp*

9. As a result of number 10 thereof, I dislike going to bars, the shiznit hangout of today's generation. I just don't get the point of having to tolerate rude behavior from drunks and suffocating in cigarette smoke just so I could dance to blah music.

8. I like geeky guys who can hold long hours of intelligent conversation with their natural ability to think and reason. In other words, I like you if you're smart and kind and if you smell good.

7. I've never had an ex-boyfriend. I have no interesting sob stories to tell over a bucket of ice cold booze. I have been with the same guy since high school. We are both boring people so we are good together, yay.

6. I don't like lady gaga. Anyone with me on this?

5. I like books, plays, fine dining and travelling. I dig all things artsy and geeky. My ideal life would be me waking up warmed by Parisian sunshine and spending the rest of the day strolling along cobblestone streets.

4. I have no great life stories to tell. The highlights of my life include my birth, my first word, my first day at school, getting a boyfriend, graduation, getting my first job and some travelling here and there. I would have been a more interesting person had I swam in a sea of garbage like Manny Villar did, I bet.

3. I work at a hospital in shifts. And mind you, shifting totally kills what little chance I've got to become less boring. 

2. I don't do premarital sex. So would anyone aside from my boyfriend be interested with me still?

1. It took me under 5 minutes to come up with this list!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Skin Story

back during the days when everyone else battled with the wrath of adolescent hormones, i was basking in the glory of flawless skin. i had the occasional pimple or two, but such events were such a rarity.come college however, my hormones launched a full force attack against me. i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, and since then, pimples and adipose cells alike have decided to come to me like flies to poo.

the university i attended kept me occupied for four years and charged me around 6000Php($130) a semester, which is quite a bargain for both me and my folks. despite the big savings i had on education because of a scholarship, i never did think of spending some moolah on skin care. sadly speaking, my blemished skin suffered from a steady diet of facial wash, pressed powder and nothing else for quite some time before i discovered the benefits of at least attempting to have a skin care regimen.

i must say that i have bought and tried a gazillion brands of facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers (loreal, himalaya herbals, nivea, pond's, cetaphil, celeteque, neutrogena, st ives and godiva to name a few) but i have yet to find my holy grail products where skin care is concerned. i have heard that clinique is good, but my salary as a struggling nurse does not permit me to spend so much on skin care alone. the stingy in me cannot afford to risk spending so much on a product that might or might not work, especially since i have bills to pay (like rent and groceries). ugh. living away from home can be such a downer at times! i could ask for money from my parents, but im big on financial independence these days, which is another story altogether. to cut all the blabbing short, I find that the following affordable products perform quite well on me:

  • avon's true pore perfection line - this does wonders for oil control, but after weeks of continuous use, i have not seen improvements in the pore department. if you are big on oil control, this delivers its promise to mattify, mattify and mattify!
  • the body shop's tea tree oil line - their skin clearing lotion for day use has poor oil control, but their blemish fade night lotion really works! (will definitely repurchase the latter!) however, if you are very particular about odors, this product is not for you. the blemish fade night lotion is such a stinker.
  • clean and clear acne control line - three claps for good oil control and less breakouts! however, i find their pimple gel quite ineffective in drying out existing pimples. panoxyl and garnier spot treatment never worked for me either, so im not sure if it is the products or just my stubborn pimples. this retails for around 500-600Php ($13-14) a set, the cheapest among the three.
  • avon advanced eye perfector and garnier brightening eye roll on - works great as a tandem! i use garnier during the day and avon during the night. the result? well, brighter looking around-the-eye area. i look like a panda without these because i work in shifts!
  • nivea cleansing milk - effectively removes make up and feels the lightest on the skin compared to other makeup removers that i have tried (neutrogena, jergens, olay, ellana, loreal, in2it, st ives and pond's cold cream). as a bonus, this also comes in a very hygienic pump container. i hate products that come in pots as these could easily get contaminated. im not sure if this is still available though, coz i've been looking everywhere for this quite unsuccessfully ever since mine ran out.

    im not immune to the calls of rows and rows of nice looking things, but i do try to google a product before i buy anything if i have the chance. i find product reviews quite helpful and im very grateful to the people who find time to share their experiences with certain products. although i am no beauty junkie, i certainly enjoyed sharing my skin story. tata! ^_^

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Alcon Opti-free Replenish Works!

    I was diagnosed with eye problems when I was in second grade. At age eight, I had to wear an eye patch over one eye plus dorky glasses (oh yes, horrible, horrible times) in an attempt to correct my vision problems. Unfortunately, despite bearing with the horrifying look that I was obliged to sport to correct my vision problems, my eyes continued to go wacko on me. I still have the same nearsighted left eye and farsighted right eye that I used to have in second grade. Boo eyes, no improvement AT ALL despite that HUGE effort on my part.

    After years of full geek mode with black rimmed glasses (cool and colored frames were unknown to me in grade school. go figure!), I finally discovered one of man’s greatest inventions: contact lenses! These soft, wet circular things are magic products that allow me to see quite well minus the dorky loser look. However, these little magic things do not come without a price! Eye discomfort, redness, dryness, itchiness and hazy vision... name it and I am sure to have experienced it during my four year love-hate relationship with contact lenses. Over the years and many brands of contact lenses later, I have discovered the key to hassle free contact lens usage: A GOOD MOISTURIZING NO RUB SOLUTION.

    After trying out a number solutions, I have finally discovered THE SOLUTION - Alcon Opti-free RepleniSH! (This is different from the regular Opti-Free Solution.)


    * No-rub solution (a gift from above for the lazy like me!)
    * Reduces protein build-up and lens deposits (well, almost all solutions make this claim.)
    * Helps reduce redness from irritation. (additional points for the sober look)
    * Moisture is maintained on the lens surface for increased comfort.
    * Allows for clearer vision even at the end of the day. (i find that my contacts stay moisturized for about 10-12 hours with this solution)
    * Can be used with both soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses
    * Comes with a free contact lens case
    * Affordable

    Cons: Not all Optical Shops sell this.

    Of course, I still have my share of irritated and dry eyes from time to time, but such experiences have significantly decreased ever since I started using this solution. I spend an average of 10-12 hours at work in the hospital and on most days, I'd feel comfortable with my lenses on for the duration of my duty when I use this solution.

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    A Penny For a Thought

    In grade school, I was admittedly kind of nerdy. While everyone else wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or a supermodel, I wanted to be, well, a writer. While my peers back then enjoyed boyfriend-ing, loud music and slumber parties, I preferred to curl up in bed with a good book. I was seriously reading Greek mythology when I was 12 and my affair with Harry Potter started long before the sensation hit Manila. I was, and still am geeky like that, I guess.

    Fast forward to today, March 14, 2010. I was just doing what I love to do best, which is to put my thoughts in this pretty little box in my brain labeled "Meedge's crazy thoughts," when suddenly, a thought came to me. OH HOW NICE WOULD IT BE TO EARN A PENNY FOR EVERY THOUGHT. That would literally give meaning to the phrase, a penny for your thoughts and would make me filthy rich without much effort.

    Can somebody turn me into a Robert Fulghum and publish my thoughts?

    To count for effort, I'd volunteer to write my thoughts down. I'm sure someone out there would buy my thought book such as my family, my boyfriend and my true friends. And no, I would not give them a free copy of the book so that I'll have some sales at least. Haha. Robert Fulghum sold a lot of copies of Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten anyway and that book is just a collection of his uncommon thoughts on common things. Maybe i could do just the same. I'd write saccharine essays on life and put them all together in one paperback then expect the book to make me rich. Oh dear, me and my crazy thoughts!

    Well, i just thought my blog needed some of my stress induced craziness right now, because this baby has been sleeping for such a long time already. Wake up, little one. Wake up.
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