Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hong Kong Series: Ngong Ping Cable Car, Citygate Outlets and Ladies' Market in Mong Kok

Our third day in Hong Kong was supposed to be our do-nothing-specific-and-bum-around day, but what the hell? It's not everyday that we get to be in Hong Kong. Why waste a beautiful day bumming around when we can do that any time we want in the Philippines?

Making the most out of Hong Kong's Summer Spectacular!

I wanted to go someplace where I need not walk long distances because my feet were still sore from all the walking that I had to do in Macau. The Ngong Ping Cable Car ride seemed like the perfect idea, as I can sit suspended in air while I see Lantau Island, bird's eyeview style for under a hundred HKD. It was also an absolutely divine way to help the boyfriend conquer his fear of heights. We just chose the regular cabin though, as the crystal cabin's glass bottom might be too scary for him.

No crystal cabin for him!

The weather was absolutely perfect that day, with just the right amount of clouds and sunshine for a relaxing cable car trip. We rode the MTR to Tung Chung, as the cable car terminal was readily accessible from the last station of the Tung Chung Line.

Vending machine for earphones and Ipod accessories.
Whatever happened to good old sodas and candy bars?

Riding the MTR was absolutely a breeze. I wish our transportation
 system in the Philippines is as efficient!

Welcome to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal!

The queue for the ride was again, as with all other attractions, absolutely feet-killing long. Choosing the regular cabin was a  good great idea, as the queue for the crystal cabins was way longer  and there was not much to see from the cable car anyway. I was a little bored during the ride, quite honestly.

The view from the inside of the cable car.

He was forcing a smile 'coz he was scared!

The cable car ride itself was rather pleasant, but not amazing or memorable in any way. Lantau Island was serene and clean, but I could think of several places in the Philippines that would fare better where awesomeness is concerned. I loved the little themed village at the end of the cable car ride, though and I'm glad that I got to see this Giant Buddha that I have been hearing about. I was not able to take good shots of it, sadly.

The themed village after the boring cable car ride.
The Monkey's Tale Theater
Make a wish!
The paper flowers made the village look festive!

We stayed at the village for quite a while, then proceeded to Citygate Outlets, a huge mall housing branded items sold at factory prices. Now, this was what I wanted to see! We grabbed some lunch at the Food Republic, which was very much like our food courts at home, but offering a wider array of cuisines. We chose Indian food and were quite satisfied with what we had.

The summer sale cut the prices by huge amounts so that it became quite tempting to splurge on designer clothes and footwear. Crocs were selling for only about a thousand pesos, half the selling price of Crocs footwear in the Philippines. Some Nike and Addidas shoes were also dirt cheap at less than two thousand pesos. Nike did not have stocks of what I wanted in my size, though, so I left the store empty-handed. I consoled myself by thinking that the pair of walking shoes I wanted might be available in the stores of Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok at a less expensive price. Much to my dismay, however, I found out later that the sports shoes at Fa Yuen Street were actually more expensive. Aw.

On the way to Fa Yuen Street. A cleaner Taft Avenue.

After scouring through the wonderful bargain finds at Citygate Outlets, we went back to Mong Kok for a bit of rest and for a night of shopping at the Ladies' Market and Fa Yuen Street. The Ladies' Market did not interest me in any way, as it carries the same stuff sold at 168 in Divisoria. I haggled for key chains that I can bring home to friends and was able to get the price down to 45 HKD for half a dozen from 180 HKD. I still did not get the key chains, though, because I realized that key chains are the most common of the common souvenirs given by anyone who has gone anywhere. I was also thinking that I still had a lot of time to shop for souvenir gifts anyway, as I would be staying in Hong Kong for two more days. Later, I found out that I should have brought the key chains already, but I'll tell you more of that in my next post.

Again, just like Divisoria, but a tad cleaner.

Want to go to Ngong Ping Village and ride Hong Kong's popular cable car ride?
Just take the MTR to Central, which is the interchange station for the Tung Chung Line. Get on the train of the Tung Chung Line and get off at the last station. Take Exit B and walk for about two minutes to the cable car terminal, which you can readily see from the MTR station. Do visit Citygate Outlets too and shop till you put a huge enough dent on you wallet! Enjoy!

Hong Kong. Live it! Love it!


  1. agree with the train system, ang bilis! pati escalator, bawal mabagal..

    anyway, your bf is now beginning to smile in his pics. good job! Ü

  2. @chyng: sana as efficient yung train system natin! :)


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