Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Boyfriend is a Make Up Artist!

Let me interrupt my series of Hong Kong posts for a photography/beauty entry. Now, my boyfriend isn't a  macho, manly kind of guy, but he isn't exactly the type you'll see in el cheapo salons styling hair and putting on horrendous make up either. What he is, however, is a photography junkie, who finds joy in snapping random photos of my face and tinkering with Adobe Photoshop to remedy my far from perfect features. Look at how he applied make up on my otherwise pale face with a bit of Photoshop magic:

Before: He didn't edit anything except for the logo.

After: with digital make up on!

My pupils are the color of Edward Cullen's when he is well-fed. Not that I like the Twilight series, but let us save that for some other post. If I may say so,  he also applied purple eyeshadow and brown eyeliner on my lids quite well for a guy, no?  The coral lip color is such a nice touch up too. What I am super amazed about, however, is the blush. I would love to get my hands on that shade (if I could find a non-digital one), as it suits my skin tone quite awesomely. He also knew where to put the blush, imagine that! I did wonder if he could put non-digital make up on me too, but that might be too gay. I wouldn't want him to go in that direction. LOL.

So what do you think? We welcome constructive criticisms. :)


  1. cool! ayos si menard ah! i think he should try neutrals next time, para mas mukhang natural :D but this one is looking good too. although women don't normally wake up with pink eyeshadow. hahaa

  2. @Kat: IKR! But it's a good job for a make up noob. HAHA:)

  3. i like the 1st photo more, it's softer, and so natural opcors. (not a fan of make ups kasi) hihi

  4. @chyng: my mom said the same thing!:) i wasn't too keen on make up din before, but since putting on make up is required at work, nasanay na rin and i started to enjoy playing with the colors.:)

  5. i think he did a pretty good job,hun!
    you look awesome!

    when i think about it now, photoshop is really fun,ne?

  6. @Chyng Hi.. So do I with makeup.. and I agree with you on the first photo :)

  7. @thiamere: thank you! followed you back. photoshop can do wonders!:)

  8. hahahaha! amazing :D i'd love a guy who could apply makeup on you digitally! :D

    i love photoshop! i always forget to install since i haven't had any major editing projects for a while :D


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