Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For Posterity's Sake

I know this is already way too late, but I want to write about how my December went just for posterity's sake.  After all, my last Christmas in the Philippines should be as well-documented as possible. 

Whew. When I typed the line "my last Christmas in the Philippines," my heart kinda stopped beating for a second. It has always been my dream to go to Europe, but now that I'm going there to work for good,  it feels oh so bittersweet. But I digress. 

December, as I've said in my post last year, is a month of celebrations. To begin with, there's Christmas, and then, there's also the boyfriend's birthday and our anniversary. But because he's already residing in Canada, we had to make do with Skype dates, choppy conversations, bad videos and all. Instead of feeling sad and deprived though, I concentrated on shopping for gifts!  Admittedly, that was really bad for my bank account, but hey, it was good for the heart! Heart wins over bank account anytime of the day, right?

UNO's Annual Christmas Dinner at Chili's Tomas Morato

My closest friends to date are those who I met from UP. Being healthcare professionals, it has always been quite a challenge to set a date. Different shifts, different hospitals and different days off... total chaos, I tell you! Surprisingly, we had perfect attendance for our annual UNO Christmas Dinner at Chili's Tomas Morato.

Look at us looking foolish with those eye masks and microfiber hair cloths around our heads! Childish, I know, but fun, fun, fun!  Looking at these photos makes me feel strangely sentimental. Some of us will be leaving the Philippines in the next few months, so it will be harder and harder each year to gather everyone around just to eat and be merry. 

Christmas Party with Workmates At Discovery Suites

I love seeing my colleagues looking all dolled up and fabulous! Clad in our boring scrubs day in and day out, it's refreshing to see them so classy and carefree, dancing to the tunes of Teach Me How to Dougie and Party Rock Anthem!  Oh, how we laughed and ate and danced that night!

If I might add, I also love our unit's Christmas parties because I always, always win the raffle. Yup, three years in a row, no cheating. I'm such a lucky, lucky girl!

Enjoying My Last Christmas in the Philippines with the People I Love the Most

I had a very unforgiving schedule last December. The first two weeks of the month, I had 12-hour shifts everyday due to staffing problems. In those two weeks alone, I filed for 48 hours of overtime work. Come the last two weeks of the month, I was on duty on the 24th, 25th, 30th and 31st. Yup, while everyone was enjoying the holidays, I was working like a donkey! I didn't let my lousy schedule ruin the season for me though! All my time off was spent dining out and gallivanting around the city with my family. Obviously, this was not good for both my bank account and my heart, but well, I really can't deny myself my sanity!

Skype Dates with Menard

I just have to say thank you to the brilliant people behind Skype for giving long distance relationships a fighting chance! His birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and the New Year were all celebrated via Skype --  not ideally my cup of tea, but well, still a blessing nevertheless! After all, there was a time when couples only had snail mail and telegrams as their means of communication. I really have no right to complain at all.

My December was pretty simple, but it was filled with little cupcakes of blessings here and there. I hope 2012 brings me not only cupcakes of blessings, but layers upon layers of sweet, moist and delectable blessing-filled cakes!

Happy 2012 everyone!:)

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