Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chelsea with My Girls!

One day, I would like to pull a Carrie Bradshaw (minus the sleeping around and frustrating love life part) and write for a living in fabulous New York City. I already have the fantastic friends element covered, so all I really need to work on at this point is the writing career.

Last Friday, we all got together at Chelsea to celebrate Kath's birthday. Celebrations with my girlfriends are all about only two things - good food and a whole lot of talking! Our topic for the night was travel, something I can talk, talk and talk endlessly about!

Meet my Sex and the City girls, minus Ja, who is currently living in OZ.
Chelsea is chic and comfortable, definitely a perfect place for gabbing girls! I wish I can say perfect for the food too, but to be quite a honest, the food wasn't anything remarkable. Homey and familiar, yes, but not really delicious or mind-blowing.

Complimentary focccia bread with olive oil and roasted garlic for dipping.
Nothing like warm, soft bread to start the meal right! 
Classic Beer-Battered Fish and Chips
Just your average fish and chips served with coleslaw, malt vinegar 
and tartar aioli. I've had better versions at more affordable prices.
Rosemary Grilled Chicken and Kalamata Confit Pizza.
It sounds really gourmet, but believe me when I say that it doesn't taste gourmet.  The 
crust wasn't as crispy and chewy as it ought to be and the chicken strips were just too
bland. The pizza also had this bitter aftertaste, which I hope, isn't because of the kalamata.
Kalamata is supposed to be delicious, like olives but with a meaty texture.
Roasted Clam and Sundried Tomato Vongole.  
As described on the menu, this was basically just pasta tossed with roasted garlic, anchovies, fresh tomatoes,basil and parsley in a light and "creamy" clam broth.  The pasta was cooked al dente and the
seafood and cheese portions were really generous. The sauce, although with the perfect
consistency,  lacked creaminess and was a bit too bland for my taste. 

A few cups of healthy desserts at Yogut Froz and some more animated conversations later , we were ready to say goodbye to Har, who was to go on a graveyard shift that evening (boo!).

Tart yogurt with fresh mangoes and cheesecake - the only success of the night! 

We didnt want to go home yet, so we had a photo opportunity with them Halloween creepies instead!

Happy Halloween!
Thank you, girls! I had so much fun as always! I wouldn't be including "Chelsea" in our circle of friends anytime soon, though. Haha.

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  1. Hello, I've been browsing back, looking at old comments posted on my site, and found one from you. :) It's good to see blogs that are still being updated, much of the blogs I follow before are now abandoned, hehe.

    To be a writer in New York City --> go for it, girl, and blog all about it. Don't get tired chasing after your dreams. Inspire us!


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