Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Times at National Sports Grill

Thanks to CASHCASHPINOY, I have yet again scored another awesome deal! For 1000 bucks, I got 2000 bucks worth of food at National Sports Grill. Not bad, eh?

I know nothing about sports, but I love the relaxed, no fuss vibe at NSG. I also love that they serve all the comfort food I need in the world - burgers, fries, pizzas , pasta dishes, ribs and chicken wings! Well, that part is also true for many other restaurants and diners, but guys, this is food at 50% off! 

Buffalo Chicken Tenders
This was basically just fried chicken strips tossed in spicy winger sauce
and served with bleu cheese for dipping. This isn't one of the best in the city
(Try Tender Bob's! They have the best buffalo chicken tenders ever!), but
it sure started our meal with a good, spicy kick.
San Francisco Burger
Now, this is what I call awesome. Their sourdough parmesan bread is simply the bomb!
The patty is juicy, tender and tasty too, but that is just an added bonus. The star of this dish
is really the delicious bread. Yes, the bread!
All-Star Patty Melt.
I did mention before that my siblings love anything beefy
between a bun, so it comes as no surprise that we have yet again another burger
on the table. Same patty and same sauce as the one above,
but served with regular bread instead.
Chicken Barbecue and Four Cheese Pizza
Yes, you can opt to have a combination of flavors in one pie. Don't order this when
you're at NSG, though! The crust isn't the good kind and it's just not worth the price.
Chicken Parmesan with Penne Pasta
The pasta was quite bland, to be honest, but the chicken made
up for that by being the creamy, cheesy, fried goodness that it is.
 My little sister, being the typical Filipino eater, just had to order
a cup of plain rice to go with the chicken.

I know I said in a previous post that I never really liked the food at NSG. Well, I changed my mind, folks! And yes, that's because of the delicious sourdough parmesan bread! 

Thank you CASHCASHPINOY!  So far, everything I've bought from you has been extremely satisfactory! I hope you offer deals again for NSG, Swensen's, Potato Corner and Tocarre Spa. Most especially Toccare Spa because I had the most amazing and sulit experience there!

National Sports Grill is located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3,  Ayala Center, Makati City. Expect to spend around Php 500 (approximately $12) when you dine here.


  1. yum.. sarap naman.. sana matikman ko rin yan..

  2. @anonymous: try it! wait for groupon deals to save some moolah!

    @pinkc00kies: it's good because the sourdough parmesan bread is fantastic!


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