Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm the Boring-est of the Boring

10. I don't smoke, I don't drink and I don't do pot. I have never gotten drunk in my 22 years of existence. *collective gasp*

9. As a result of number 10 thereof, I dislike going to bars, the shiznit hangout of today's generation. I just don't get the point of having to tolerate rude behavior from drunks and suffocating in cigarette smoke just so I could dance to blah music.

8. I like geeky guys who can hold long hours of intelligent conversation with their natural ability to think and reason. In other words, I like you if you're smart and kind and if you smell good.

7. I've never had an ex-boyfriend. I have no interesting sob stories to tell over a bucket of ice cold booze. I have been with the same guy since high school. We are both boring people so we are good together, yay.

6. I don't like lady gaga. Anyone with me on this?

5. I like books, plays, fine dining and travelling. I dig all things artsy and geeky. My ideal life would be me waking up warmed by Parisian sunshine and spending the rest of the day strolling along cobblestone streets.

4. I have no great life stories to tell. The highlights of my life include my birth, my first word, my first day at school, getting a boyfriend, graduation, getting my first job and some travelling here and there. I would have been a more interesting person had I swam in a sea of garbage like Manny Villar did, I bet.

3. I work at a hospital in shifts. And mind you, shifting totally kills what little chance I've got to become less boring. 

2. I don't do premarital sex. So would anyone aside from my boyfriend be interested with me still?

1. It took me under 5 minutes to come up with this list!


  1. you are not boring. this list just makes you the most interesting person because:
    10. most teens & young adults drink and/or smoke. and they love it.
    9. you're just avoiding 2nd hand smoke and loud music and alcoholic environment. nothing's wrong with that.
    8. who doesn't like a nice conversation?
    7. just proves that you are true to what you feel and that you may have found the one for you!
    6. this is subjective. i prefer lady gaga's older slow songs rather than the current. no bad thing here.
    5. shows that you have your goals and dreams. you also know what you like. looks like we can talk for hours now.
    4. then it just means that it's still coming and it's coming soon!
    3. i have tried working on shifts and i know it's not an easy thing to do. so, how come i still feel like we talk about this too?
    2. it's rare nowadays. so maybe you have something to share..
    1. that's pretty quick for a 10-item list. i made this comment 15minutes. you're gifted.

    you know what? you're not boring after all..

  2. what a long comment dude! haha.

  3. yeah well. boring can be good. its just a matter of perspective.:)


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