Monday, March 15, 2010

Alcon Opti-free Replenish Works!

I was diagnosed with eye problems when I was in second grade. At age eight, I had to wear an eye patch over one eye plus dorky glasses (oh yes, horrible, horrible times) in an attempt to correct my vision problems. Unfortunately, despite bearing with the horrifying look that I was obliged to sport to correct my vision problems, my eyes continued to go wacko on me. I still have the same nearsighted left eye and farsighted right eye that I used to have in second grade. Boo eyes, no improvement AT ALL despite that HUGE effort on my part.

After years of full geek mode with black rimmed glasses (cool and colored frames were unknown to me in grade school. go figure!), I finally discovered one of man’s greatest inventions: contact lenses! These soft, wet circular things are magic products that allow me to see quite well minus the dorky loser look. However, these little magic things do not come without a price! Eye discomfort, redness, dryness, itchiness and hazy vision... name it and I am sure to have experienced it during my four year love-hate relationship with contact lenses. Over the years and many brands of contact lenses later, I have discovered the key to hassle free contact lens usage: A GOOD MOISTURIZING NO RUB SOLUTION.

After trying out a number solutions, I have finally discovered THE SOLUTION - Alcon Opti-free RepleniSH! (This is different from the regular Opti-Free Solution.)


* No-rub solution (a gift from above for the lazy like me!)
* Reduces protein build-up and lens deposits (well, almost all solutions make this claim.)
* Helps reduce redness from irritation. (additional points for the sober look)
* Moisture is maintained on the lens surface for increased comfort.
* Allows for clearer vision even at the end of the day. (i find that my contacts stay moisturized for about 10-12 hours with this solution)
* Can be used with both soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses
* Comes with a free contact lens case
* Affordable

Cons: Not all Optical Shops sell this.

Of course, I still have my share of irritated and dry eyes from time to time, but such experiences have significantly decreased ever since I started using this solution. I spend an average of 10-12 hours at work in the hospital and on most days, I'd feel comfortable with my lenses on for the duration of my duty when I use this solution.


  1. An Arizona optometrist says that "persistent dryness, scratching and burning in your eyes are signs of dry eye syndrome. These symptoms alone may prompt your eye doctor to diagnose dry eye syndrome." But sometimes your eye doctor may want to measure the amount of tears in your eyes. A thin strip of filter paper placed under the lower eyelid, called a Schirmer test, is one way to measure tear production.

  2. Thank you for that information!:)


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