Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living and Loving the Bum Life!

My previous post is a pain to read. I've read it earlier today and kind of winced a little bit. My thoughts were tangential and truth be told, even I can't tell what the post was trying to say. Well, so much for wanting to be a writer. A writer has to be purposeful and coherent, two things that I am obviously not! 

Anyway, it has been a while since my last day at work. The paperwork for my big move to London is proving to be quite a tedious process and a long wait. Not that I am complaining because to be honest, I really am enjoying my short stint as a bum right now. It's quite amazing how alive and happy I feel these days with the pressures of work taken off my shoulders. I feel like I'm in this frenzy (the good kind) all the time! I want to do so many things! I wonder if I can accomplish everything I want to do, though. The internet is such a major semi-welcome distraction. It beckons to me in the morning with a tweet here or a message there and I am left at its mercy all day long. But I digress.

I've been out and about, catching up with friends, going out with my family, eating to my heart's delight, shopping for travel essentials, and watching films and productions. I never expected bum life to be this expensive! The wallet damages have been severe, but well, I am as happy as I can be. Besides, my last few months in the Philippines must be spent well. Saving up for the future will follow soon, I promise!

Here's a photo collage showing the highlights of my bum life:

Movie night (The Vow, Hunger Games) with friends. Fuerza Bruta (great show!), The Legends and the Classics (1 stage, 2 shows, 3 icons and 4 standing ovations. Can I say, wow?! Best money I ever spent!), Les Miserables school play, and lots of eating out and catching up (Almon Marina, Bizu, Papa John's, National Sports Grill, Yakimix, Mercato Centrale, ChaTime, Gong Cha, and Singapore Food Republic, to name a few).
Life is sweetest with a great family and an awesome set of friends! If I could just stretch this short bum stint some more without the threat of poverty looming overhead, I most definitely would!

Blessed, happy and grateful.

See you soon, London! Be good to hopeful, not-so-little me!

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