Monday, July 25, 2011

My 24th Birthday Part 2

The day after my birthday, I met with some of my closest friends from college and heard the most fantabulous news ever! My friend, Rex is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Jacqui on their 4th anniversary! (Of course I had to wait for the proposal to happen before I post this, so they are already engaged as I write!)

The lovely couple. Jacqui is glowing! 
Rex found the perfect opportunity to tell us all about his plan when Jacqui left for the loo. When she came back to join us, she asked me why I had a weird smile on my face. Well, I was just so giddy and happy! Sorry if I scared you, Rex! I really suck at hiding my feelings!

Now, these two are like brother and sister to me. And yes, they are the first to get engaged among my set of friends. So please pardon the exclamation points! I'm quite understandably excited!

The ring!
My, my, I feel kinda old! A year from now, I will be in my mid-twenties. A couple of years from now, well, I might be even sporting a ring myself! Considering how time flies, that isn't really too far off. That is another story for another day, though.

Now, back to my birthday! Here are some photos of my birthday food from Recipes Modern Asian Bistro (Sorry for the low quality photos. In exciting times like this, even food has to take a backseat!):

Spicy Squid
For starters, we had Spicy Squid, which was basically just fried squid drizzled with a mildy spicy and sweet sauce. The batter was moderately crispy, while the squid meat was delightfully tender.

General's Tofu
One of my favorites at Recipes is the General's Tofu, which is tofu drenched in sweet-tasting sauce. The tofu was melt-in-your-mouth tender and the sauce had a very characteristic Chinese flavor to it. Growing up in  a household where Chinese food is served on a regular basis, my taste buds felt at home with this dish. 

I'm mostly a carnivore, so vegetables do not really appeal to me unless we are talking about a crisp salad with some very fattening dressing. This dish, however, proved to be surprisingly good! Bathed in coconut milk, the chopped beans were a bit crispy and moderately spicy. With hints of meat here and there, you really can't go wrong with this dish.

Crispy Tilapia
The Crispy Tilapia, as the name implies, is basically just fried fish served with some dipping sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, pepper and onions. This was really nothing special, something that you can easily prepare at home.

Well, I got the food and the planned propsal covered. Now, let's move on to presents! Jacqui was also sweet enough to gift me books. I love books! I believe that I have spent quite a fortune on them already. So if ever anyone of you decides to give me a present, please do get me some good books (or plane tickets because I love traveling too!).

So, that was how PART II of my birthday went! 

Good news, good friends and good food! I had a blast turning 24!


  1. "A couple of years from now, well, I might be even sporting a ring myself!" I'm really excited for this.. :)

  2. nagpropose sa Recipes? sweet. hehe

    and happy birthday to you dear! ♥

  3. Chyng! Hindi, he just revealed the planned proposal to us pero a couple of days after pa yung actual proposal. He proposed in a church! Super sweet!:)

  4. belated happy birthday!!:) Planning the wedding is exciting!:)


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