Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey Big Spenders!

In preparation for our upcoming HK-Macau trip, the boyfriend and I went mall hopping to shop for some travel "essentials." I wonder if what we got were really essentials though. The wallet damage is severe, I tell you.

To start off everything, we filled ourselves silly with food at Cajun Red Rock, Megamall.

Look, free buttered popcorn as you wait!

Not so tender Chicken Tenders.
Bountiful Platter Feast. It's all Pork! 
Breaded Porkchop with bland Alfredo sauce,
 nice and creamy Pork Steak and
 sweet Bourbon chops. Filling, but forgettable.

Yummy hashbrowns with herbs and spices!

Total wallet damage for pre-shopping food: Php 800.00 (approximately $17)

We hardly finished the food and had no room for dessert anymore so we proceeeded to buy the things that we would be needing for the trip.

I know that I would be doing a lot of walking in HK and in Macau so I looked for a comfy pair of shoes as he looked for some camera equipment. I wasn't planning on spending much on shoes, but I couldn't resist the comfort of Italian made leather shoes so I got this very comfortable pair from Pab Der uomo.

Basic, but comfy shoes for everyday wear.

Total wallet damage for comfy Pab Der uomo shoes: Php 2780 (Approximately $60)

Meanwhile, he got these for his beloved DSLR.

Kenko CPL, Circular Polarizing lens and Canon ES-62 lens hood.

Total wallet damage for camera equipment: Php 2,600 (approximately $56)

I saw some cheap leggings at the department store as well. For Php 279.75 ($ 6), this was quite a steal.

Leggings in basic black is a closet staple.

Look, clothes and eyewear on sale! Nice fitting jeans in dark colors are so hard to find these days so I bought two. Perfect for my upcoming trip, yes?

Apart from the regular discount, I got 10% more 
discount because I had a SMAC. Neat!

Some random toiletries from the grocery.

We chose the cheapest stuff we can find because 
we plan to leave the excesses behind.

Total wallet damage for clothes and toiletries: Php 3000 (approximately $65)

I needed just one pair of contact lenses, but the buy 2 + 1 promo seemed like a steal. I ordered 2 pairs of contact lenses in pure hazel and 1 pair in green. I bought my trusted solution, too.

These lenses can transform the way you look.
I know I'll be wearing my lenses far longer
 than the recommended 8 hours. 

Total wallet damage for lenses and solution: Php 3150 (approximately $68)

What? A BB cream under Php 300? This, I got to try.

Watch out for my review on this.

More skin stuff in small packages.

Yeey, sunblock in sachets!
 I can't seem to fix this photo.

Total wallet damage for skin stuff: Php 420 (approximately  $9)

Tired and hungry, we decided to have an early dinner at the Tempura Japanese Grill. It has almost the same price range as Teriyaki Boy, but I like it better because its branches are more consistent in terms of food quality.

Good things come in small sizes!

 I like that  the batter was crispy, but not too oily. 

So-so Pork Katduson. I have tasted better
 versions, but this was okay nonetheless.

Beef Sukiyakidon. I'm not a fan, but he
 finished everything so I guess this tasted okay.

Total wallet damage for Tempura Japanese Grill: Php 800 (approximately $17)

He got a new luggage bag too!

Got this at 50% off! 
Total wallet damage for luggage bag: Php 1300 (approximately $28)

Total wallet damage for the day: Php 15, 129.75 (approximately $329) Whew. 

Now, now, meet these Big Spenders we are talking about!

Hey, y'all!
Goodbye, money. Hello, vacation leave!


  1. enjoy our HK-Macau trip. be prepared to spend some more :)

  2. true, the outfits are part of the preparation. hihi
    btw, pareho kami lente ni The BF mo. dapat may tripod din para sa couple shots.

    have fun! Ü

  3. @chyng: yup, we brought a tripod and had so much fun! ayoko pa nga sanang umuwi. hahaha. thanks!


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