Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Human Heart Nature's Nourishing Shampoo and Body Wash

As embarrassing as it is, I would have to admit that I have been suffering from rapidly thinning hair like some old lady at the very early age of twenty two. According to my awesome mom, this hair fall problem is due to the fact that I do not wear some sort of shower cap when I administer chemotherapeutic drugs to my patients. Oh, how I love mothers and their creative imagination!

 Young and Balding

I've been told  to wash my hair with mild baby shampoo every other day, but I feel icky when I don't wash my hair daily and I get dandruff with baby shampoo, so I had to look for an alternative shampoo that is gentle enough to use daily. I came across Human Heart Nature, a Filipino owned company that sells organic products at affordable prices in one of the blogs that I follow. Their nourishing shampoo sounded promising with its less hair fall claim so I tried the aloe vera -  peppermint variant with much enthusiasm.

What I do like about this product:
  • It's organic and affordable! These two words do not usually go together until Human Heart Nature came along. A 200 ml bottle only costs around Php 100 ($2)!
  •  I love its minty feel on my scalp.
  • It lathers pretty well for an organic shampoo.
  •  It also doubles as a body wash so it's perfect for travelling.
  •  Human Heart Nature provides employment opportunities and sustainable income to Gawad Kalinga communities so your hair can be as clean as your conscience!
What I do not like about this product:
  • My hair kind of felt rough and dry after rinsing, but this is nothing that a good conditioner cannot handle.
  • Though the shampoo smelled minty when in the bottle, it did not give my hair any particular scent after rinsing.
I haven't been road testing the product long enough to vouch for their "less hair fall" claim so I'll probably do an update on this one once I see results. Will I repurchase? Uh, maybe.

For more information on Human Heart Nature products, visit

Also, watch out for my review of Human Heart Nature's Tomato and Lemongrass Toner.


  1. this biz is run by tony meloto's daughters. i read about recently sa female network. actually, i don't think it's really "organic" in that they didn't specify that they don't use pesticides, etc. but they did say that for them, "organic" means "natural". i was thinking of writing to them to ask for advice for my future biz din. maybe :D

    i like the smell too.

    PS - meedge, when are you free? household is super overdue na!!

  2. Ikr! I will be having a long break between the months of June and July. I'll contact you so that we can meet up.


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